About Caustelot Creamery

Best Ice Cream in Pittsburgh

The story of the creation of Caustelot Creamery is somewhat unique. The original thought of opening an ice cream store originally came into play sixteen years ago. At that same time, I was also looking to purchase a farm.  I had written a business plan for an ice cream franchise and was ready to move forward. About a week later I found the perfect farm located south of Pittsburgh in Cecil Township.

 After much thought, I decided the farm was the right move. The farm took a lot of work to get going and has been successful. The only thing that has changed has been my getting older. They say you get wiser with age and I agree. The farm is 7 days a week 365 days a year taking care of the livestock.  I told my wife, I wanted to be in the position to head south for the winter when I get older and my children are out of school. Well, what would be better than the mobile ice cream business in Pittsburgh?

 I researched the market and found people of all ages seem to be happy and smile when getting their ice cream. It was like a flashback from sixteen years ago. I decided I wanted to be the one with something different and made fresh on the spot. I now had an idea and thought it was time I let my wife in on my future plans.

Lying in bed one night, I decided to tell her “I think I am going to build an ice cream truck”. Her immediate response was “You are not going to build an ice cream truck”. I replied “Why not?”  Her response “You don’t even know how to make ice cream”. I never liked being told “No”, even as a child. I knew at this time, I would build the coolest ice cream truck with something fresh and different.

 One year later my recipes have been tested by anyone within yelling distance and my truck is complete. My wife, who does not even care for ice cream, has even asked me to make her the salted caramel recipe on multiple occasions. It is now time that I share with the public from young to old.

Look for the big blue truck in your area and be sure to be part of my success story.

-Michael Wertz